180 Head Super American Bull Sale

Thursday-March 22, 2018-1:00 pm

Briggs Ranches-Bloomington, TX -13 miles south of Victoria, TX

Broadcast LIVE on www.DVAuction.com

180 Bulls Sale

90 Performance Tested, “Genomic Enhanced” Brangus Bulls  

60 Performance Tested, “Genomic Enhanced” Santa Gertrudis Bulls

10 Genetically Designed “Super American” 1/2 SG x 1/2 Brangus Bulls

10 Star 5 SG X Hereford Bulls


Tanner Farms Angus Bull Sale & Quarter Blood Commercial Bred Heifer Sale

March 10, 2018 12:00 noon

Tanner Farms–Wiggins, Mississippi

Broadcast LIVE on www.DVAuction.com

Selling 100 Thick & Powerful Angus Bulls

Plus 175 Quarter-Flood Fall Calving Commercial Bred Heifers

Service age bulls, 16-18 months old

Raised on forage-based, high fiber ration

Born & raised in Southern heat & humidity 

Large selection of Calving Ease Bulls

Bred for strong maternal characteristics

Contacts: Gary Tanner 601.319.6610

Tim Hardy 601.319.7894


Salacoa Valley Farms Annual Brangus Bull & Female Sale


220 Registered Brangus Bulls

200 Registered Brangus Females

Offering CHOICE Open Heifers 

ELITE Bred Heifers-These are THE TOP END Pairs & 3N1’s A TOP NOTCH SET

Featuring ALL OF THE “Y” MODEL Females

Holding Nothing Back

Including full sisters to New Vision

and the dam of Hollywood to name a few!


Chris Heptinstall 205.363.0919

The Oaks Farms Brangus and Genetic Partner Bull & Female Sale

Friday-October 30th-6:00 pm est
100 Elite Registered Brangus Females
Pairs, 3-n-1 Splits, Proven Donors, Bred Heifers & Open Heifers.
Saturday-October 31st-10:00 am est
170 Performance Registered Brangus Bulls
147 of the bulls will be 2 years of age or coming 2 years
Over 60 calving ease bulls.
Only 24 Yearling Bulls (12-15) months
200 Commercial Females
For more information or to request a catalog visit

Bull Buyer’s Bill of Rights

I. All data is accurately reported and is being used.

It is vital when you are buying bulls that you are able to accurately assess the genetic merit of the bulls being offered. Only if all data is reported will this occur. If only the best cattle are reported, then half of the best will ratio below 100, and will not reflect their true merit relative to the cow herd. Long term, it will affect the performance values of their dams and future calves. In addition, you should be able to expect that your supplier is using the data collected to make true genetic progress in their herd.

II. My bull supplier provides Expected Progeny Differences for comparative value.

Not only is it important for you to be able to compare the relative merit between bulls in an offering, through weights and ratios, it is important to be able to evaluate the merit of the bulls being offered compared to all bulls available. The only tool available to compare bulls from different programs and in various locations and environments, are EPDs. Data turned in by your bull supplier and others, is compared in their breed’s National Cattle Evaluation and EPDs are reported.

III.  My bull supplier is able to explain the meaning of the various EPD values and offers council in their use.

There are many EPD values being reported by many different breed associations. Your bull supplier should be able to explain the various EPDs, their meaning in your program and their merits. In many instances bigger is not always better. Many traits are antagonistic and you should be aware of the consequences. For example, Yearling Weight EPD and mature cow size are highly correlated, how big is too big in your program? Milking ability, especially if carried to the extreme, or if nutrition becomes a limiting factor, is highly antagonistic to reproductive performance.

IV. My bull supplier is aware of my program and goals and is willing to assist in selection of bulls that fit my goals.

Part of the bond and trust between buyer and seller is the sharing of goals and information that becomes a two way street. Your producer should be attuned to your needs and assist you in selecting bulls to meet those goals. They raised the bulls you are buying, and in many cases, their dams and grand dams. They can identify the bulls with the complementary traits you seek, and keep you from getting into wrecks when working with multiple antagonistic traits, better than anyone else.

V. My bull supplier is using all applicable technology to help accomplish my goals.

There are many tools available today to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Ultrasound technology is useful in evaluating carcass traits, diagnosing pregnancy status and sexing pregnancies. Feed efficiency is being measured and tested, if you are using this in your operations. DNA technology is becoming more and more useful as additional markers are identified.

VI. My bull supplier is industry current.

Your bull supplier should be aware of the industry, trends in supply and demand, and market forces at work shaping long term trends. They should be aware of the technology available and adapt the useful tools when the cost and return justify the investment. In other words, when the amount of meaningful information and data produced by the technology and its value equals the cost, they should invest in the technology.

VII. My bull supplier develops his bulls with their longevity in mind.

Your bull supplier should provide an environment and plane of nutrition that allows the bulls to express their genetic differences for growth, while providing them with adequate exercise. The bulls should be well developed while maintaining their athleticism and cleanliness of joints.

VIII. My Bull Supplier has a comprehensive heard health program.

The health of your bull begins with the health of the cowherd. From a regular de-worming program to a preventative vaccination program, your bull provider should maintain good herd health. You should be assured that your bull purchase will not introduce disease into your program.

IX. My bull supplier stands behind his bull in case of product failure.

No bull supplier ever plans to have a bull he sells go bad. But as sure as death and taxes, some bulls will fail. Your supplier should recognize this fact and assist you in rectifying the problem.

X. My bull supplier is breeding cattle that fit my long term goals.

You should examine your long term goals. You should examine the long term goals of your supplier and be comfortable that you can build a long term bond and trust with that supplier as you continue to develop your program.

TBBA Miss America Sale

TBBA Miss America SALE Soars!

1 Herd Sire Prospect grosses $5800 to average $5800
2 Fall Pairs gross $9500 to average $4750
9 Spring Pairs gross $40,400 to average $4489
7 Fall Bred Females gross $21,450 to average $3065
16 Open Heifers gross $51,300 to average $3207

35 Total Lots gross $128,450 to average $3670

Brangus breeders and enthusiasts gathered in Salado, TX for good cattle, fellowship and food at the annual Texas Brangus Breeders Association weekend.  Friday night was the annual membership meeting and social followed on Saturday with the TBBA Miss America Sale.

Texas Brangus Breeders gather for the annual membership meeting and social before the sale.

Texas Brangus Breeders gather for the annual membership meeting and social before the sale.


Thirty five head representing 18 breeders across Texas sold on a beautiful day and were well received by the buying public.  53 buyers representing TX, AL, MS and MO were on hand to evaluate the offering.  The high selling lot was Lot 8, CB MS Blanda 415X5 with an LTD bull calf at side, consigned by Cavender Ranches and purchased for $7,250 by Rancho Los Pinos of Hempstead, TX.  Following her was another spring pair, Lot 7, MS HLC Next Step Pathfinder 381Y2 with a Captian Jack heifer calf at side consigned by Hodde Land and Cattle bringing $6,000 to Genesis Ranch, Columbus, TX.

The high selling open heifer was Lot 27, a Black Gold granddaughter consigned by Triple Crown Ranch and selling to Myles Hackstedt of Needville, TX for $6,000.  The second high selling open heifer was lot 34, a Jethro daughter sold by Schoenig Land and Cattle to McMurtry Farms of Troy, TX for $4,000.

The high selling fall pair was DCC Ms Blackhawk News 2 T2 consigned by Dillard Land and Cattle, selling for $5,000 to Donnie Dippel of LaGrange, TX.  One herd sire prospect was consigned by Indian Hills Ranch and sold for $5,800 to McCreary Farms of Evergreen, AL.

A donation lot consigned by Skyhawk Brangus, Lingg Brangus and JLS International sold for $3,700 to Triple Crown Ranch, Angleton, TX.  This lot was sold for the benefit of the TJBBA.

Volume buyer Larry Franke and his daughter of Karnes City, TX with Sale Chaiman, Joe Dillard (left) and TBBA President, Russ Williamson (right).

Volume buyer Larry Franke and his daughter of Karnes City, TX with Sale Chaiman, Joe Dillard (left) and TBBA President, Russ Williamson (right).

Volume buyers include Las Tres Hermanas, Larry Franke, of Karnes City, TX; Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch of McCoy, TX; and Genesis Ranch, Mike & Gloria Weathers, of Columbus, TX.

SVF Spring 2013 Bull Sale and Customer Appreciation Sale

Buyers from 12 States Power Salacoa Valley Brangus Female and Bull Sale

3 Brangus Donor Cows Grossed $15,400 to Average $5134
10 Fall Brangus 3N1s Grossed $40,650 to Average $4,065
7 Fall Bred Brangus Females Grossed $19,500 to Average $2,786
21 Spring calving Brangus Females Grossed $47,750 to Average $2,274
20 Open Brangus Heifers Grossed $41,250 to Average $2,063

61 Brangus Females Grossed $164,550 to Average $2,700

52 Brangus Bulls Grossed $187,800 to Average $3,612
4 Commercial and Ultrablack Bulls Grossed $10,650 to Average $2,663

117 total Lots Grossed $363,000 to Average $3,103

79 buyers from 12 states were on hand to snap up the offering from female consignors and friends of Salacoa Valley, and the good Brangus bulls of SVF.

Brangus seedstock demand continues to build across the country. Salacoa Valley Farms “We Run the Numbers Sale” saw perfect spring weather and a torrid and steady demand for registered Brangus Females and Bulls. 79 buyers from 12 states were on hand to snap up the offering from female consignors and friends of Salacoa Valley, and the good Brangus bulls of SVF.

The day’s top selling female was Lot 41, Ms Brinks Csonka 468T47 and her Singletary bred heifer calf at side, consigned by Cuevas T3 Brangus, Purvis, MS. This Csonka daughter ranks in the breed’s top 1% for an impressive 5 EPD traits and sold to Draggin M Brangus, El Dorado, AR, for $9,000.

Lot 7, SVF Ms 535R40 and her Csonka bull calf at side, was the second high selling lot. This Transformer sired female was AIed back to the $55,000 New Concept herd sire. The Oaks Farms, Newnan, GA, paid $5,250 to own this outstanding consignment from Clover Ranch, Marietta, GA.

Selling for $4,750 was Lot 63. This outstanding open ET heifer sired by Patton, posted EPDs of .66 REA and .23 IMF. She was consigned by Charlie Israel, Birmingham AL, and sold to Lake Majestik, Flat Rock AL. Also selling for $4,750 was lot 36, HF Miss Lead Gun 535T. This 3N1, with a fall Bodine heifer calf at side, was safe back to Something Special.. She was consigned by Haynes Farms, Ashland AL, and purchased by Phillip DeSalvo, Center Ridge, AR. Cold Creek Ranch, Marietta, GA consigned Lot 39, Cold Creek Ms Newt 1302X with her spring bull calf sired by 331X78. Draggin M Ranch, Eldorado paid $4,70 for this pair.

Charles Crochet, buyer of the high selling bull, pictured with (from left) David Vaughan, Susan Vaughan, Charles, Tommy Barnes, Mark Cowan, Chris Heptinstall.

Charles Crochet, buyer of the high selling bull, pictured with (from left) David Vaughan, Susan Vaughan, Charles, Tommy Barnes, Mark Cowan, Chris Heptinstall.

The top selling bull of the day, at $22,000, was purchased by Crochet Cattle Co., Lafayette, La. This big ribbed, deep sided, heavy boned herd sire is by Patton and his dam is the $18,500, 23 T721 donor now owned by Lake Majestik. He posts EPDs in the breed’s top 3% REA, 4% WW, 10% YW and 30% IMF.

The second high selling bull of the day was Lot 114. This powerful and clean made R532 son boasted negative BW and one of the biggest REA EPDs in the sale. He was purchased by WET Farms, O’Brien, FL for $6,000.

The third high selling bull was Lot 100 for $5,750. Shoestring Ranch, Roxton, TX purchased this super complete Blanda son with the 78 lbs birth weight and big growth numbers. His dam posts top 2% of the breed WW, YW, SC and REA EPDs.

Volume Buyers for the day included, Watkins Citrus and Cattle, Avon Park, FL, Three S Farms, Social Circle, GA, Draggin M Brangus, El Dorado, AR and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Superior Livestock-Briggs Ranches’ & M&E Cattle Delivery

Floresville, TX

Mark Johnson from Gonzales, TX purchased a great set of Briggs Ranches and M&E Cattle Company’s steers on the Superior Livestock Auctions  March 22, 2013 sale.   Superior Livestock representives American Marketing Services and Hi-Tech Marketing combined in representing the cattle and delivered them on April 2, 2013.

photo (7)

Loading out at M&E Cattle Company

Briggs 2

L-R Roger Janes (Hi-Tech Marketing), Joe Jones (Briggs Ranch), Mark Johnson (Buyer), Trey Kirkpartrick (American Marketing Services)

Briggs 3

Weighing Steers

The 145 Briggs’ steers and 60 M&E Cattle Company’s steers were preconditioned at M&E Cattle Company in Floresville, TX to sale at 900 lbs. 800 lbs.  The cattle were valuled at the top of their weight class on the March 22 sale.

Mr. Johnson’s comments on the delivery of the cattle were ” I am very pleased with the Briggs  and M&E cattle. They were even better than described on Superior.”

Thanks to Joe Jones, Briggs Ranches and Mike Talley, M&E Cattle Company for consigning their cattle with us and special thanks to Mark Johnson for his purchase.

SPROD LOGO WITH channels BW    AMS_Logo_BW

Trey Kirkpatrick 979.324.5518
Richard Hood 979.224.6150
Brad Wright 979.219.4599
Mark Cowan 903.495.4522

Miller Spring 2013 Sale Report

Brangus Demand Great in the “Vol” State

 Pick of 2012 Heifer Calf Crop Grossed $15,000.00 to Average $15,000.00
2 Donors Grossed $9,000.00 to Average $4,500.00
17 Fall 3N1s Grossed $52,700.00 to Average $3,100.00
35 Spring Calving Cows Grossed $89,400.00 to Average $2,554.29
4 Fall Bred Cows and Heifers Grossed $7,300.00 to Average $1,825.00
12 Open Heifers Grossed $21,450.00 to Average $1,787.50

 71 Brangus Female Lots Grossed $194,850 to Average $2,744


Warm hospitality, cold temperatures and a hot offering greeted 43 buyers from eleven states gathered in Waynesboro, Tennessee, as Miller Brangus hosted their second annual female sale featuring “Cattle You Can Count On”. Owners, Bert, Doyle and E.D. Miller, manager Bart Pope,  their families were host to an ever increasing crowd of enthusiastic Brangus breeders as well as friends and guest consignors.


Buyers evaluate the cattle penned on a beautiful hillside at Miller Brangus near Waynesboro, TN.


A full crowd fills the tent to begin the auction.


Van Hardin, Black X Ranch, Rome, Georgia paid $15,000 to own Lot 1 in the sale, the pick of the Miller Brangus 2012 heifer calf crop. His choice was MB Hannibal 75Z3, a big performing, balanced trait daughter of Hannibal out of the growth trait leader, Revelation.

Lot 29, MB Ms Lead Gun 302U5 and her Eligido son, were the second high selling lot of the day at $5,600. Barnett Brangus, Clarksville, TN was the purchaser of this big performing female who balances growth and carcass to a high degree. Her heavy boned, well balanced, bull calf at side made her one of the most attractive packages of the day, and this 3N1 was safe back the same way. She was consigned by Miller Brangus.

Blue Ribbon Farms, Mark Snowden, Pachuta, MS was the purchaser of the third high selling lot. He paid $5,300 to own lot 15, another Miller Brangus consignment, MB Ms Real Deal 329U and her spring bull calf sired by Great Basin. This deep sided, heavy milking cow ranks in the breed’s top 3% WW, 5% YW, 4% Milk and recorded 2 @ 111 WR.

The Miller family oversees a successful sale.

The Miller family oversees a successful sale.

Black X  struck again as they paid $5,000 to own Lot 27, the proven donor, MB Nimitz 129T9. This powerful female records 3 @ 109 and ranks in the breed’s top 1% for Milk EPD. Truitt Brangus Farm, Auburn, AL, also paid $5,000 to own Lot 2B, the pick Lot, MB Ms Tank 000Y14 and her Lead Gun heifer calf at side. She ranks in the breed’s top 1% WW, 2% YW and 4% REA and her dam is a full sister to Bear Bryant and New Direction.

Volume buyers included Kim Dunn, Apopka, FLA, Green River Farms, Waynesboro, TN and Barnett Brangus, Clarksville, TN.

Ideal Video Productions Customer Appreciation Sale

Demand for Brangus Genetics Red Hot!


6 Donors Grossed $163,500.00 to Average $27,250.00
7 Flushes Grossed $81,000.00 to Average $11,571.43
7 Open Heifers Grossed $70,000.00 to Average $10,000.00
3 Bred Heifers Grossed $25,000.00 to Average $8,333.33
1 Embryo Lot Grossed $40,500.00 to Average $40,500.00
1 Semen Lot Grossed $5,500.00 to Average $5,500.00
25 Total Lots Grossed $385,500.00 to Average $15,420.00

A standing room only crowd of enthusiastic Brangus breeders were on hand to snap up the first annual Ideal Video Customer Appreciation Sale offering. Bidding was torrid as buyers from twelve states and two foreign countries competed to own the elite Black and Red Brangus females, herd sires and genetic packages represented in this offering.

When the gavel fell in a hotly contested battle, Lake Majestik Farms, Flat Rock  AL., claimed the high bid at $45,000 for  Lot 7, Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6. She ranks in the breed’s top 3% for IMF and boasts 9 traits above breed average. She is the dam of the $80,000 CB Passport 803Y11 and was consigned by Burke Brangus Farm, Waynesboro, GA and Truitt Brangus Farm, Auburn, AL.

Lot 1 was the next high selling genetic package as Schmidt Farms, Simms, TX sold 50 embryos from their young and elite donor cows in packages of 5. Embryo packages ranged from $5,500 to $2,000 and buyers including Lunar Brangus from Australia, and domestic buyers, Lake Majestik, Valusek-Payne Show Cattle, Genesis Ranch, Cavender Brangus, Chimney Rock Cattle Co, Draggin M Brangus and Miller Brangus.

Westall Ranch, Arabela, NM paid $40,000 to own Lot 5, Ms Brinks GD Fortune 541P103. She is a proven donor with impeccable credentials, a 9 embryo per flush average and well over $150,000 in progeny sales to date. She is by the feed efficiency king, Good Fortune and has placed females in many of the leading herds in the breed. She was consigned by Draggin M Ranch, Eldorado, AR.

Lot 4 was the fourth high selling female as Bushley Creek Cattle Co and Cross N Farm, both of Olla, LA, paid $29,000 to own Ms CRC Csonka 263U3. She is a maternal sister to one of the heaviest used AI sires in the breed, CRC Landau 263X2. She also ranks in the breed’s top 1% REA and 4% YW. She was consigned by Clem Brangus, New Summerfield, TX and Michael Bennett, Tennessee Colony, TX.

Lake Majestik struck again with the winning bid of $20,000 to own Lot 6, Ms Brinks Singletary 541T42. She is one of the true power cows in the breed ranking in the top 1% YW, 3% REA, 4% WW and 5% IMF EPDs. This big bodied matron was consigned by Cavender Brangus, Troup TX.

$18,500 was the winning bid by Valusek-Payne Show Cattle, Rosharon, TX to Own Lot 3, SVF Lead Gun 23T721. She is sired by the incomparable Lead Gun and out of the MVP of SVF, 23M28. She is balanced in herr EPD make up and averages 17 embryos per flush. She was consigned by Salacoa Valley Farms, Fairmount, GA.

Volume Buyers were Lake Majestik, Westall Ranches and Bushley Creek Cattle Co.