Sale Management

American Marketing Services provides sale management for both registered and commercial cattle.

Public auctions are a great way to showcase your program and cattle to the general public. Whether you are selling registered seedstock or commercial cattle, American Marketing Services will assist you in maximizing the exposure for your cattle and creating interest in your program.  Public auctions also increase your ability to market private treaty cattle throughout the year by increasing industry awareness of your program.

AMS will assist in the following*:

Cattle Selection—Whether you are selling bulls or females, quality is important as you plan and prepare to showcase your program to the public.  If you are selling females, it is also important that you retain quality females in your herd in order for you to continue with your program and continue to increase its genetic value.  We will assist you in balancing these two important aspects to not only prepare for your immediate event, but also for the future of your program.

Budgets—It is important that you have a clear budget that reflects both expenditures and realistic revenues for your sale.  We will assist you in determining the most appropriate budget to meet your goals in both sale gross and, most importantly, sale net.

Scheduling—Getting things done on time can relieve much of the stress associated with a sale.  The preparation and execution of a thoughtful schedule will be vitally important to you having a  successful sale.  We will help you with the scheduling of all items relevant to your event.

Catalog—One of the best or worst impressions can be your catalog.  We will assist you in catalog design and layout, as well as footnotes and mailing list.

Advertising—This is part of the budgeting process, but also important is designing of the advertisement to deliver the needed message.  We will assist in the design of the advertisement as well as scheduling to assure maximum exposure and coverage.

Money—At your discretion, we can collect all monies and pay all sale related expenses then deliver a net check to you or you can do all collections and payments in-house.  This is entirely up to you.

*contracts regarding all of these will be executed