Data Management

Is your performance record keeping and reporting accurate and efficient?  Do you feel comfortable using your animal’s EPD’s as a breeding or marketing tool?  For that reason, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about AMS Data Management Services.  Let AMS manage your data and eliminate the hassles with keeping things current and accurate.  Just send us your field data and AMS will assign appropriate contemporary groups, enter the data in an easy to use web based system and coordinate with the proper breed associations.

With simple web based data, all changes and entries are immediately available to all users.  Mobile integration allows for field access to animal pedigree, performance and pasture inventories quickly and easily.  Print ready to use chute-side worksheets and submit data to AMS by email, fax or mail for entry into your electronic records.  AMS will also integrate that data with appropriate breed associations in a timely manner as to avoid late fees or unnecessary charges.

Do your EPDs correspond with the performance you see in the field?  The most common reason for unreliable EPDs is inaccurate contemporary group data.  AMS will analyze your data and make sure that contemporary groups are set up accurately and consistently to give you the most reliable data possible.  We will also help to schedule working activities in order to stay within acceptable date ranges for reported data.

Contact us today to explore all of the options available to you to cut down on the amount of time you have to spend in the office.