100+ “Super American” Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale - 03/30/2019

Sale Information:

Super American Bull Sale

Selling 200 Head 

Briggs Ranches, Bloomington, TX

100+ Briggs Ranches Santa Gertrudis “Genomic Enhanced” Santa Gertrudis Bulls

Sold in conjunction with 100+ Salacoa Valley Farms “Genomic Enhanced” Brangus Bulls.  


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Sale Contacts:

Richard Hood | richardh@7n2.ae5.myftpupload.com | 979-224-6150 Mark Cowan | markc@7n2.ae5.myftpupload.com | 903-495-4522 Trey Kirkpatrick | treyk@7n2.ae5.myftpupload.com | 979-324-5518



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